Worship at Temple Beth Israel

Our tradition teaches us that in order to fully realize its potential, a synagogue should excel in three distinct areas as a Beit T’filah (house of prayer); a Beit K’nesset (house of community); and as a Beit Midrash (house of learning).

Why be a house of prayer?
In Mishkan T’filah, our Shabbat Siddur (prayer book) we read:

“Prayer invites God’s Presence to suffuse our spirits, God’s will to prevail in our lives.Prayer may not bring water to parched fields, nor mend a broken bridge, nor rebuild a ruined city. But prayer can water an arid soul, mend a broken heart, rebuild a weakened will.”

Why fixed prayers?
To learn what we should value, what we should pray for. To be at one with our people, the household of Israel. To ensure that the ideals painfully learned and purified, and for which many have lived and died, shall not perish from the community, and shall have a saving influence on the individual.” (Chaim Stern)

TBI provides a variety of meaningful and joyous worship services to meet our obligation to be a Beit T’filah, a house of prayer:

  • Shabbat Evening / Morning Services
  • High Holy Days and all other Jewish Holy Day worship throughout the year.  For a complete schedule of holy days in Reform Judaism, click here.