Our tradition teaches us that in order to fully realize its potential, a synagogue should excel in three distinct areas as a beit t’filah, a house of prayer; a beit k’nesset, a house of community; and as a beit midrash, a house of learning. TBI’s educational programs make TBI a beit midrash of note.

Educational programming at Temple Beth Israel offers opportunities for congregants to engage in a journey of learning and spiritual growth. Members of all ages are challenged to think, question and contribute creatively to our common journey.

Please look over our web site pages for these TBI educational programs:

• For Preschoolers-the TBI Preschool and Daycare
• For K-12 students-the TBI Beit Sefer Religious School
• For adults-the TBI Adult Jewish Learning Program
• For all ages-the TBI Library

As you can see, TBI provides educational opportunities for all ages. We look forward to seeing you at many of these programs.


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