Archive Committee

Jewish tradition has always promoted and emphasized the importance of recording history. In the beginning, it was oral; but at this time, we have acquired many useful tools to extend the preservation of our heritage. We appreciate the TBI members who volunteered to help the administrative staff to preserve TBI’s various documents and media as TBI is now 85 years old.

TBI’s archival materials are being put in order and eventually will all be accessible through the efforts of:

  • The TBI administrative staff
  • The TBI Archive Committee chaired by Margie Kerstine
  • Archive volunteers Ellen Berke, Joan Reyes, Kathryn Kirui, Karen Rosenthal, Nancy Ambrose, Richard Sugerman, Renay Marcus, Neil Gerard and many other TBI members who help when called for information.

The scope of archival activities consists of collecting, preserving, digitizing, exhibiting and making available records for research and education. We accept additional material that will enhance our holdings. Through our collections, educational programs, oral histories, and media we become a link with the total educational resources of TBI, e.g., library, lifetime learning, etc. Additionally, the Archives may collect, preserve, exhibit and makes available to researchers and educators the materials related to the establishment and growth of the Pomona Valley Jewish community, such as Jewish businesses, institutions and organizations. Although we serve primarily the TBI congregation, we may serve as mentor and guide to other synagogues, both locally and nationally, in the creation, preservation and protection of congregational archives.

You may now access historical TBI Board meeting minutes here. These minutes begin in 1943 and, at present, are available into the 1960s. This conversion process is in progress, so look for additional minutes in the future.