Early Childhood Education at TBI

From the Preschool Director

debbie-pruitt-for-webTBI Preschool has maintained a strong foundation of developmental learning in a nurturing environment for all children. The special dimension of being a Jewish preschool enables us to incorporate Jewish traditions, celebrations and experiences into our general programming. Our young children’s preschool experiences are enhanced by this extra dimension. We’ve even had a number of preschool parents who are clergy and chaplains of other faiths who choose to have their children attend TBI Preschool, with appreciation of the values that we try to introduce and share with the children.




We have often heard the adage “All people smile in the same language.” This universal expression is regularly experienced at Temple Beth Israel Preschool. Young children often begin school with little language or without the clarity of language. It also happens that we have young children who begin preschool without even knowing English. Their native language could be Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, or Farsi, among others. In all these instances, the communication that teachers initially rely on is body language, gestures, holding hands, a kind tone of voice, guidance, and above all, a smile on a friendly face. This is what comforts a child and helps them feel safe in a brand new environment. The language then develops, meaningful communication emerges, and with time we often forget the absence of spoken language when the school year began.

Language acquisition happens regularly at TBI Preschool, as new children enter our program and as children who have been in the program continue to grow. It is in a safe, secure environment that a child’s learning flourishes and the child blossoms. Our wonderful preschool staff gets to witness this on a daily basis, and we welcome volunteers at TBI Preschool to help us facilitate our program.

There are only a few requirements for volunteers. They include being 18 years of age and older, having patience, the physical ability to move around with young children, a few hours a week and, of course, a smile.

Please contact the Preschool Office, 909-626-6937 or send us an email, if you’d like some more information about volunteering. I’d be happy to have you visit our program and see what area you’d like to help in.