Erev Shabbat “Under the Stars” 6/11 and 6/18/2021


TBI Resumes In-Person T’filah 6-11 and 6-18, 2021
No registration required

If you are considering attending, please note the following important points:

  • Please do not engage in extended conversations with others on the lawn or in the parking lot before or after the event.
  • You must wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose, and it must be worn for the entire event. We require this as we are not currently checking vaccination status or seating vaccinated and non-vaccinated in separate sections.
  • Please maintain social distancing of six (6) feet between groups or individuals that are not part of your household
  • Each attendee will have available for their use a previously cleaned prayer book. (Please note that COVID-19 is not passed by inanimate objects and that these have not been handled in at least a week, far beyond viral survival).
  • We are not yet having an Oneg Shabbat reception after the conclusion of the service.
  • You may be asked upon arrival if everyone in your household is well and if there are any symptoms of being ill—there is no need to take your temperature. Please do not come if you are ill or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the past 10 days.
  • Bathrooms will be available, however only one individual can be in the bathroom at any time.

We are thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to resume limited activities. As we do this, we honor the physical, emotional, and mental sacrifices made by so many who have contributed their skills and their hearts to the effort to combat this pandemic since it first became known. We also remember all those who have been lost to COVID and the suffering endured by those who have recovered.