We are a Sistership for all women, united together through friendship, compassion, philanthropy and awareness.

We are committed to:

  • Creating a strong sense of community for all women in an environment of friendship, leadership, intellectual growth and spirituality;
  • Advancing social justice through advocacy and action, and to promote WRJ programs serving Jewish and humanitarian causes;
  • Enriching our Temple family through caring and supportive programs that further our Jewish ideals;
  • and Supporting Women of Reform Judaism to help pave the way for long lasting friendships.

Judaica Shoppe

The TBI Judaica Shoppe features an assortment of uniquely Judaic items and artwork, holiday gifts, books, and hand crafted jewelry. The Shoppe is also featured alongside other notable merchants and vendors during the Sisterhood’s annual Chanukah Festival and Shopping Spree.

If you are not already a member of sisterhood – we invite you to join!

Click here to join!

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